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We improve manufacturing by giving our customers the ability to measure every component in real-time.


Viospatia welcomes Volvo Cars Tech Fund as a strategic investor in new emission totaling SEK 13.6 million

Viospatia, a developer of cutting edge real-time 3D inspection systems has concluded a new emission totalling SEK 13.6 million led by Volvo Cars Tech Fund and Seven District. Existing investors including Investmentbolaget CAMP-B, Almi Invest and Science Park Gotland also made significant follow-on investments showing strong continued support for Viospatia. The funds will be used to finalize the development of the VIOPRO system and take it to broader commercialization.

About us

We improve manufacturing by giving our customers the ability to measure every component in real-time. Sample controls can only indicate that there is a problem in production. 100% inspection will allow you to diagnose the problem and target the underlying issue. Data is the key to Zero Defect Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Michael Fergusson

Co-founder and CEO

Michael has an MA in Classical Archaeology from Queen’s University, Canada, with a focus on 3D imaging in archaeology.
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He has worked with industrial metrology since 2014, working with industry standard measurement techniques and software. He also developed custom measurement solutions for large manufacturing companies. His focus is on hardware, optics and image processing.

Mikael Sjödahl

Co-founder and COB

Professor in Experimental mechanics. Received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and his PhD in Experimental Mechanics from the Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, in 1989 and 1995, respectively.
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He currently holds the chair of Experimental Mechanics at Luleå University of Technology. He has authored or coauthored about 120 papers in international journals and contributed to two books. His research interests include digital speckle metrology, experimental stress analysis and digital image processing.

Per Bergström

Co-founder and VP

Received his M.S. degree in engineering physics with applied mathematics and his PhD in scientific computing from Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in 2006 and 2011 respectively.
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He is currently active in research at the Division of Fluid and Experimental Mechanics, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics, LTU. His research is focused on numerical algorithms for geometrical computational problems.

Kristian Söderholm


With 15 years experience in IT systems administration, Kristian has a strong background in programming and system integration. In Viospatia, his focus is on design, electronics and system development.
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Kristian’s expertise includes programming in C++, Python, and Javascript among many others, and electronic circuit design and integration.

Our story

Founded in 2018, we are the commercialization of long-term academic research led by Mikael Sjödahl at Luleå University of Technology. Our technology has been developed with direct input from OEM and Tier 1 automotive companies based on the needs of the industry.

We are based in Visby, on Gotland; a Swedish island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Our team has diverse but complimentary backgrounds that allow us to quickly adapt our hardware and software to fit your needs from problem to solution. Half of our team is in Visby and the other half in Luleå, while our customers are spread throughout Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Contact us

Email: info@viospatia.com
Address: Verkstadsgatan 7G, 621 41 Visby, Sweden