Measure individual components moving at production speed using

  • Multi-camera array
  • Expandable modular design
  • No targets. No Spray.
  • High speed capture. High speed analysis.

We use a novel form of photogammetric matching to rapidly align and measure components. We compare the measurements with predefined nominal values. Our measurement pipeline is the fastest on the market; we can achieve 3D measurements in nearly real-time thanks to proprietary algorithms.

Not off-line. Not near-line. Directly in-line.

Install it wherever you need it.

  • Conveyor belt line

  • Robotic arm line

Upgrade your production process with 100% inspection

  • Improve manufacturing methods to achieve Zero Defect Manufacturing
  • Increase traceability
  • Reduce scrap and material waste

”100% inspection can enable Industry 4.0 solutions through data and insights, significantly reducing downtime, waste and improving traceability.”

”Reduce scrap and material waste.”

”Reduce the need for measurement fixtures and offline measurement rooms.”