A system for full 3D inspection of components directly on the production line.

In-line 3D inspection and analysis toolkit for both conveyor belt and robot positioned scanning.

  • Hardware expandable fixture plus capture, analysis and control software platform
  • Installation support and service agreement
  • Accuracy 0.02mm
  • Max speed of component: 1 m/s
  • Analysis: ~1sec
  • Measurement area: 500mm x 500mm (expandable)


A solution for detailed 3D digitization and analysis of parts, artifacts or other objects

  • Flexible hardware solution
  • Portable
  • Variable measurement area
  • Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Resolution: 0.05mm

”100% inspection can enable Industry 4.0 solutions through data and insights, significantly reducing downtime, waste and improving traceability.”

”Reduce scrap and material waste.”

”Reduce the need for measurement fixtures and offline measurement rooms.”